The Special Building Enterprise (SBE) is one of those companies with its experience in construction and buildings sector have been able to achieve and execute several successful projects, which earned a good reputation in its field that has been able to excel and managed to put their special fingerprints in all works done. SBE was established in year 1977 as a business division of Al Marwa Trading and Contracting. Due to the growth in construction industry and as part of long term strategic development plan in year 2007 SBE was branched as an independent organization operating under Al Marwa Group. In year 2012 SBE was converted from Establishment to Limited Liability Company (Ltd). Over the past years, SBE Professionals has studiously consolidated the integrity and professionalism. The harmonious working of a collective team remains embedded with the corporate ethics as the primary means by which goals and high standards are achieved.


Achieving the perfect harmony among highest quality, prices and excellence in building construction field. Staying on top of the technological advancement, high tech construction management and designs.


  • To be always alert and responsive to the state-of-art technology in construction methods and techniques.
  • To implement the high level of morals and ethics in our business relationships with, clients, sub-contractors and employees
  • To deliver our clients excellent workmanship at a competitive price while fulfilling the deadlines.
  • To support our clients by maintaining their projects and any extension projects as required.


Here at SBE we provide complete construction solution specialized in turn key development of investment projects over and above its contracting services to the highest international standards. We deliver turn-key projects such as shopping malls, public & commercial buildings, palaces, hotels, residential villas and all kinds of civil works, finishing and interior design works. We also renovate buildings including concrete repair jobs. Our team of professionals covers almost all engineering disciplines with a combined experience of more than 50 years in the field of construction, capable of designing, managing and executing projects of varying scope and magnitude to the most exacting International Standards with a cost efficient approach and staying under the budgeted targets set by the client. SBE is associated with a number of prestigious design offices to offer its clients complete design & engineering development services. A well-integrated comprehensive framework of professional services utilizing computer systems and engineering software which serve as the backbone of our vision. Our services are viewed as a partnership with our clients, working hand in hand towards mutual success.


  • Constant drive to achieve higher levels of excellence
  • Quest to achieve enduring quality through consistent quality control
  • Strong commitment to client’s interest.
  • Pride in ability to complete projects in accordance with the established parameters, budget & schedules.
  • Good coordination with the client representative and designers.
  • Quality economical construction.
  • Our commitment to customer satisfaction led the way to continuous growth and a reputation for quality products and professionalism.
  • Maintaining effective and on time delivery of projects has been appreciated and rewarded by investors and clients throughout the Kingdom


SBE is committed to seek continuous improvement in all areas related to the management system. Quality Management System is a set of plans & procedures established to ensure compliance with the quality assurance set for the project. Quality means understanding our client’s requirements and making every effort to surpass them, while at the same time complying with quality standards and policies. Our goal is to satisfy our client and to comply not only with the contractual requirements but also to provide excellence in engineering practice.

  • The primary objectives are
  • To establish quality standard and criteria.
  • To maintain our excellent record in construction & building industry.
  • To produce the product that exceeds client’s expectations.
  • Quality assurance system for required testing, monitoring & reporting.
  • To exploit our accumulated knowledge and experience.
  • The Quality Assurance and Quality Control Plan will be prepared for every new project to satisfy our client requirements and job specifications.


SBE regards the achievement of the highest standards in matters of health and safety as mutual objectives for the company and its personnel. In keeping with our general quality policy we have issued a separate health, safety and environmental policy. The company requires all of its employees to conduct their activities in such a way that the health and safety of themselves and of all others that may be affected by their actions is safeguarded. It is therefore the policy of the company, to take all reasonable practicable measures to prevent personal injury to and avoid hazards to the health of its personnel and other individuals involved in or affected by those activities. By implementing these measures we aim to maintain our position as a responsible contractor in matters of the health & safety of our employees and protection of the environment and comply with the highest standards of safety. Health and Safety program will be prepared for each project separately and is available for submission upon request.